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In this world of phenomenal unprecedented explosion in the media and communication technology, the boundaries have been transcended, paving way to unification of the entire global community. This is where the career as Mass Communication becomes undeniably the enviable choice. Do your still rant the traditional engineers and doctors? Wake up! Observe, Explore. Come with us and be a change! We are the saviour, we are ISOMES. Located in an amazingly professional media hub at Noida, International School of Media & Entertainment Studies (ISOMES) is a signature media school of B.A.G Films & Media Ltd. I was established in the 2004 with the vision to train aspiring media professionals and to hone their skills for producing dynamic and enterprising media professionals for tomorrow. Embedded with the quality to squeeze out the committed, the very dedicated – we at ISOMES give the best, teach the BEST. Our academic programmes have a plethora of courses, ranging from Broadcast Journalism to Anchoring, Television Production and Direction to Acting; the quality that every ‘to be’ student aspires of – with a perfect blend of theoretical to the practical exposure.

The students at ISOMES have an edge over the other media schools in terms of the exposure they avail, grooming in an environment of the very best of media professionals. The assistance of the anchors they dream of, the guidance of the reporters they aspire to become, ISOMES is the place where you wanna be, study, and grow on to become one of them…even Better!

Having well-established credentials from the owner of the national news channel, “News 24”, Bollywood gossip channel, “E 24”, and not to forget the FM radio, “ Dhamaal 24”, ISOMES has collaborations with Missouri School of Journalism (MUJ), USA.

Since its inception, ISOMES has trained more than 1,000 budding journalists, and is witness of their impeccable success in various media companies across India. With the cutting edge technology, we at ISOMES are committed to enrich and enhance skills of enthusiastic learners to them leave their inedible imprints in the media industry.

If you have got the passion, the taste for creativity, the ‘to do different’ approach, then this is the place you’d wanna be, among the anchors, reporters, professionals – among US.