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The world-class infrastructure of ISOMES offers a great learning environment for the students. They are provided practical hands-on training at the broadcast set-up of News24, E 24, MP-CG24, Darshan24, Podcast 24, digital channels, and websites of BAG network. Students get first-hand experience working in a professional environment of a Newsroom as well as in Real and Virtual studios, PCR, and MCR of the channels. Students at ISOMES also engage in the production of a digital newspaper, PR and production activities of events of BAG network.

ISOMES provides state-of-the-art infrastructure along with excellent academic and technical facilities. These include:

  1. Dedicated broadcast-quality studio with multi-cam setup and Teleprompter
  2. State-of-the-art Newsroom
  3. Air-conditioned classrooms
  4. Transmission facilities in Classrooms
  5. Acting Studio
  6. Non-linear Editing Suites
  7. Digital Video and Still Cameras
  8. Studio Lights and other accessories
  9. Multi-track digital recording studios
  10. Computer Lab with the latest software
  11. Audio and Radio Studios
  12. Well-stocked Reading and Video Library
  13. Seminar and Presentation Hall
  14. Amphitheatre