tanuja shankar (Director, media studies)

ISOMES since its establishment has always believed in the vision to train aspiring media professionals and upgrade their skills for producing dynamic and enterprising media professionals for tomorrow. With academic programmes ranging from Broadcast Journalism to Anchoring, from Television Production and Direction to Acting, ISOMES offers qualitative teaching and training that the students of media studies need.

This pandemic has made all the educational institutes across the world to adopt online teaching. In our endeavour is to nurture budding journalists, the International School of Media & Entertainment Studies (ISOMES) was launched in 2004, BAG Film’s own state-of-the-art online media institute.

As we all know, 21st-century teaching is no longer limited to the four walls of the classroom. Technology has enlarged the area of the teaching-learning process as learners have the reach to a vast store of information i.e. internet and they have lots of queries for this reason. In fact, we are also planning a digital library for our students so that they can access the library 24×7 without travelling.

With our successful venture- Short Term Courses, we are confident and committed to enriching the students with suitable skills for enabling them to leave their indelible imprints in the media industry. We are also confident that this will help in setting soaring standards in “content quality and creation”. ISOMES takes pride in the achievements of its alumni and strives to train the budding professionals to keep pace with the tradition.

There must be lots of questions flashing before you. What is ISOMES like? How are the people, the faculty? Will I be able to mix? Will I be able to get what I am searching for? For all this, I would like to say just one word, Relax. Even, when I had started my journey as a television professional I too had these questions, but honestly, with the help of my mentors & colleagues; I got all my answers. I am sure you will too with the help of the industry oriented faculty & trainers..

By and large, the digital age has opened up new dimensions of learning and our equipped classrooms are also aimed at preparing young people for the future!
So, get ready for a bright future and nurture your creative side with the best of the faculty at ISOMES!

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something” ~Thomas Huxley