Certificate Course in Mobile Journalism (MOJO)

Duration: 3 Months

Eligibility: Open to All

Stream: Hindi & English

Medium: Classroom training


With the advent of Smartphones and technology, more and more journalists are now using their smartphone as an electronic news gathering device as online magazines and newspapers increasingly expect reporters to add multimedia content to their story. This three-month certificate course in Mobile Journalism or MOJO, will students how to record audio and how to shoot video using their phones.

Here at ISOMES, students would benefit from this training course and it would also be useful to anyone involved in the production of multi-media content while on the move.

Learning outcomes

  1. Identify, and produce mobile multi-media stories with confidence and context
  2. Understanding what makes a good content
  3. Learn to present stories in exciting ways while maintaining standards of fairness, accuracy and quality
  4. Learn to pictures and making shot selections suitable for professional broadcast
  5. Understand the fundamentals of good news production values in the context of multi-media
  6. The fundamentals of video storytelling, including techniques for creating visual content for mobile audiences.
  7. How to create a range of story content and how to organise workflows using free apps and low-cost gear.


Students will also learn to conduct professional video interviews, editing with their devices, produce reporter-led stories, writing a great script and record voice-over narration, Report character-led stories and Produce piece-to-camera segments.

When trainees complete the course they will receive a certificate attesting to their skills.