Duration : 3 Months
Eligibility : Open to All
Stream: Hindi & English
Medium: Class room training

The meaning and definition of media has changed since the advent of technology exposure to various styles of creating content. It is not limited to Printing Press only but has got categorized into several aspects of mass communication, including broadcast and digital media, and other interactive media. Therefore, International School of Media Entertainment Studies (ISOMES) is offering a three-month Certificate course in the field of Camera and Light.
This course has been designed for students who want to explore the other aspects of media industry. It is a comprehensive course, offering all the aspects of camera and lighting required for a professional. The students will have practical learning experience using the camera and lighting as a tool to create their own excellence.
In fact, a good cameraperson is no less than a painter or an artist who uses his or her creativity to make a good pictorial sense. Likewise, lighting is an art too which is used for illuminating the scene to get the best picture out of it.

Course Outline
Components of still camera/ optical and operations
How to take good Photograph
Difference between Still Photography and Videography
180 degree imaginary line
Camera Movements
Shooting in Different Lights
Recording sound, like Sound Tracks and Sound Mixing
Principles of Lighting for News, Documentaries, Ad Campaigns, Films and other programmes
Studio Lighting, which will cover Set Lighting/Interview Lighting
ISOMES Certificate training course in Camera and Lighting prepares the student to learn to use the camera and the lights as a persuasive production tools with confidence.
ISOMES pays special attention to student outcomes and has a commitment to transparency. The advantage of enrolling in this course with us is that students will get hands on experience with the best of industry in News 24 and E24.