Students Practical Training

The time is here again for the students to get , set & ready to go for their exams & practicals and projects! ISOMES which is a leading media college of India especially NCR, offers several degree & diploma options for courses for aspiring media students. Unlike other media colleges, ISOMES prepares the students from Day 1 of their Orientation, where they get ready to get a thorough education & training in the theory & practical aspects of print, electronic, radio, & digital media. Students who want to become journalists, reporters, anchors, content writers & creators, storytellers, podcasters, video editors, photographers & creative television professionals, all get a wide umbrella to hone their skills while doing ” Practicals” in the ISOMES lab. This lab is not just a hotspot of technical training but it encourages students to create their own stories from ‘script to screen’ and edit them into professional news & entertainment content.

Before the exams, students are pushed to absorb their course material rather than mug them. Through extra revision classes, notes, practicals & projects each student gets industry ready through all their semesters. Be it creating news reports, E-Paper, documentaries, podcasts, talk shows, reels & short films, students finally learn the ropes of the trade and how to climb them effectively!

Their journey from campus to channel gets completed with penache!


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