What Gandhi Means to Me

Mahatma Gandhi had said, ‘ Be the change that you want to see in the world.’ This quote means that first we should practice and make the change within us and serve as an example, first we should take that step to bring about the positive changes, then the world or our surrounding will follow us. Without being the change, we can’t expect the world to change.

In order to make the students think and procrastinate on the teachings and principles of Mahatma Gandhi, this year ISOMES invited a noted Gandhian thinker & philosopher to interact with the students. Dr. Shobhana Radhakrishna from the Gandhian Forum was invited to be a part of the Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations of ISOMES where students had enthusiastically prepared speeches on the topic ‘ What Gandhi Means To Me’. Students had also prepared songs, poetry, skits on the theme and presented them with full fervour and positivity.

The Gen X with its changing values, hybrid beliefs, curious minds as well as transforming ethos, need to be guided about the masters of history who have build the nation-India. Dr. Radhakrishna talked about the ideals that Gandhi Ji left for the generations to come, to understand and imbibe. The modern generation students need to study these ideals and form their own opinion. Mahatma Gandhi followed a path of non violence, justice & equality for all and a path of truth and positive change for making one’s life better. Dr. Radhakrishna told the students that Mahatma Gandhi’s life and thoughts can guide the people in any part of the world as it has the strength to inspire and bring about change. She gave an insight into Mahatma’s life that may not be found in books but is known only to people close to him.

During the Gandhi Jayanti celebration, the students through their speeches reiterated the fact that celebrating Bapu’s birthday for a day will not be sufficient to follow on his ideals and principles. It is important to believe and practice what Gandhi Ji himself believed and practiced. In his book ‘ The Story of My Experiments With Truth’ Mahatma Gandhi has delved deep into his life and recounted anecdotes and instances where his life, experiences, beliefs and mistakes have been touched upon.

Students of ISOMES through activities like plays demonstrated their understanding of Gandhi Ji’s teachings and the degeneration that has taken place in society in terms of cleanliness, communal disharmony, corruption etc. They were also given certificates & prizes for their performances.

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