In today’s busy life and post corona times, many avenues have opened for people who want to stay home and still do creative work. Besides the ‘work from home ‘ policy for many organisations still existing, it also gives an opportunity for people to enrol in virtual & digital courses as per their choice. One can see several digital avenues too open up where people are doing B2B, Consultations, Counselling even training people online. Cultural amalgamation has also been seen between countries, people and communities during these online interactions. Media is one such field where short term programmes especially online lessons have not only helped many but also opened a wide range of choices for people all over the world. Hence if anyone wants to learn about another culture or stream like art or fashion that otherwise was not possible due to geographical distance, now it is becoming more and more possible and accessible.

ISOMES, Noida being one the leading media institutes in the country has customised and tailor made several such courses from 1 month to 6 or 9 months, from physical to virtual.

Virtually students can sit at home, at their choice of timing and attend the classes, see videos, read notes, do exercises at home or in their own convenient time and upgrade themselves in the art & craft of media and television. The new media or digital world, and social media has opened a sky full of opportunities for all students in writing, making videos, working for websites or social media, shooting, editing, anchoring their own programmes, improving their skills of speaking, photography or even public relations. Hesitation goes away. Confidence is built up. Flexibility is there. One to one interaction can take place. Learning can be reviewed easily. Feedback is instant.

In the coming months, ISOMES is taking many short term and virtual 1-3 months programmes in Screenplay Writing, TV Direction and Production, Anchoring & Reporting, Public Speaking & Voicing, Content Writing and Writing for the PR & Advertising, MOJO & Photography, Acting, Film Appreciation etc. These courses will open the eyes of the participants through presentations, lectures, videos and notes. The candidates can get prepared for the wide world of media & digital medium and even start their own social media platforms for content creation.

Short Workshops are also available for organisations, corporates, schools & colleges.

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