“Visit in the younger sort is a part of education; in the elder a part of experience. A visit kindles a fire of knowledge into the students’ minds. It lets them discover new things and satisfy their curiosity to explore environment”.


In the bus: With this thought, 19th December night, amidst fall of temperature and the chilly weather the bus was geared up to historic Amritsar from the gates of ISOMES. Soon after, the bus enchanted with a game of Antaakshari. Truly, the essence lied in the journey and not the destination. We checked up in the Hotel next morning and freshened up for visiting Jalliawala Bagh. We could indeed experience the pain of innocent people massacred in 1919 in the park and in the bloodshed well as our visit was just after Peshawar killing.


GOLDEN TEMPLE: It conveyed a deep reverence. The murmuring of Amrit sarovar water(a pool from which Amritsar name is derived) and bowing in obeisance amidst the hustle bustle of devotees filled the spirit of spirituality among the students. Having ‘langar’ and knowing the history of Harbindar Sahib developed our sense of living.


Roads/houses covered with snow:

Many stoppages in the journey consisted of PTCs, activities, midnight dances and bonfire. It was the excitement dotted with green boulevards and shops catering to hot drinks. As we passed though the concrete snow covered jungle what waited ahead was a complete surprise- Khajjiar- people call it Mini Switzerland! It is a natural abode of God, with lovely tropical ever greenery, 100 years old Khajjiar temple, fascinating waterfalls and balloon ride.

Playing on snow : Graduates brought the naughty brat to the fore that lied inside. We played with snow and walked the untrodden and left behind some footprints on the snow of Khajjiar.


CONCLUSION: As we continued our journey day after day, our bonding with our seniors and localities grew intensely. We shall always cherish each and every moments of this episode from the dawn to dusk in our memorabilia.

Every little things still tickles our hearts and persuades our feet to trek again to Dalhousie hills through the gates of Amritsar. The trip was graced by our teachers Deepti ma’am, Vivek sir, Amiya sir and Amandeep sir. Their boundless experience imparted at different levels has expanded our knowledge in the field of journalism and their genuine ideas directed at all times during the journey. We boarded the bus back for Delhi on 23rd night. This visit provided a welcome change from the drudgery of our daily routine. It is indeed a form of education for it broadens our outlook of life. We miss you Dalhousie. We would not bid good bye but rather say ‘see you soon.’

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