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  • ADMISSIONS OPEN: SESSION 2018 -2019 for Bachelors in Mass Communication (BJMC), Masters in Mass Communication (MMC), PG Diploma in Broadcast Journalism (PGDBJ), Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communication cum Graduate Diploma in Media & Convergence (BJMC cum GDMC), Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communication cum Graduate Diploma in Acting & Film Making (BJMC cum GDAFM)
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Is lack of knowledge and prior experience in the broadcast industry a handicap for joining ISOMES?
Not at all. In fact, in some cases half-baked knowledge or inconsequential experience could be a handicap. Persons with no prior knowledgeor experience are more likely to emerge as true learners.
What are the eligibility criteria for admission to ISOMES?
ISOMES programmes can be divided into two pre-qualification categories. One, where being a graduate is necessary and, the other, where undergraduates are also granted admission. PG Diploma and MBA programmes belong to the first category.
How long has ISOMES been functioning?
ISOMES was created in 2003. The session beginning Aug, ’08 is the fifth long term session.
Does the time-table of the institute suit the working professionals?
Yes, working professionals find the short-term courses suitable.We also organise few workshops that can be attended by working people.
What is the working day like at the institute?
Teaching schedule begins at 9:30 am. Regular classes end at the latest by 5.30 pm. Beyond that students can do their project work or lab work, till 7.30 pm.
Do the students actually participate in production during the session?
Yes, they do and very actively.There are nearly 6-8 projects that the PG students have to finish and other short term students keep making their wn projects as well.
Who are the trainers?
Industry professionals and faculty possessing industry experience.Experts from the film and television fields from Delhi and Mumbai keep vising the campus.
Is the duration of short-term courses adequate?
The duration of each such course is fixed according to the course content and is absolutely adequate.
What are the salient features of Post Graduate Diploma programmes?
These programmes are a happy, pragmatic blend of theoretical learning and hands-on experience. Students get to work in real life situations during the course itself.
What is the content of practical work in various courses?
The content is prescribed keeping in mind the amount of learning each student (or the job that the course trains for) requires.
Are boarding and the lodging arrangements for the outstation students made by the institute?
Shortly, the institute will have its own hostels. For the present, the institute organizes accommodation in suitable Paying Guest hubs.
Is there any scholarship available for the students?
Yes, PG students who prove their merit during the course, are awarded scholarships.
What about the placement after training?
There faculty are constantly engaged in organizing interviews, internships and similar placement steps.
What ISOMES can do for me?
ISOMES can make you a competent professional in the line of your choosing, subject to your own talent, ability and seriousness.
How Missouri is associated with ISOMES?
The School of Journalism, Missouri University, has collaborated with ISOMES to create a unique curriculum and teaching system. Professors from Missouri visit ISOMES to teach in short spurts.
How FTII is associated with ISOMES?
The Film and Television Institute of India, at Pune has a collaboration with ISOMES and the Actng and the PG Diploma in TV Direction Course benefit from the association.We get regular faculty from Pune t teach the ctng students.
Mr.K Paintal who is the Director of Acting Course at FTII is the course head of Acting course at ISOMES as well.
What is your method of teaching?
The ISOMES teaching method is a harmonious blend of the Missouri Method and the needs for Indian students in Indian media. The Missouri Method advocates continual validation of class-room learning with on-the-job training.
What skills an individual must have to be a good anchor?
Understanding of the medium, scripting and presentation skills, poise and a firm grounding in theoretical and practical aspects of anchoring.
About Media Industry
Is lack of knowledge and experience in the print media a handicap for joining broadcast media industry?
No it is not a handicap at all.
Is it advisable for a beginner to join any institute rather than serving industry as an apprentice?
Formal training at a professionally run media school is always superior to learning through apprenticeship. A media institute provides a knowledge base that places all aspects of a given profession in a proper perspective.
What is the importance of Media Education in India?
With the media field developing in leaps and bounds and nearly lacs job positions projected to become available within a a couple of years, media education has assumed great importance. After IT, media is going to be the biggest employment generator.
What role does an editor play in the production of fiction or nonfiction programmes?
An editor provides both creative and technical inputs in creating the final shape of a fiction or non-fiction programme. He is the one who operates the editing machines and refines the raw shoot.
On what grounds can we differentiate one Media School from another?
Vision, curriculum, learning ambience, infrastructure, faculty, industry connectivity, library and teaching methodology are the most obvious aspects of difference between media schools.
What is the future of Radio in INDIA?
Huge. India has over 350 FM stations, and within the next five years this number will increase manifold.
Is it necessary to do a media course from any recognized university or affiliated college?
Except Prasar Bharti, the entire media industry is in the Private Sector where more than a so called ‘recognised degree’, it is the quality of learning and training that are considered essential.
What are the career prospects in media industry?
With over a million job opportunities in the offing, the prospects are very bright in deed.