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Since the two odd decades of my career as a media professional I many a times encountered youngsters learning or training in various media companies- Youngsters who aspired to be make it big in the fascinating media industry, youngsters who yearned to learn techniques and acquire skills to make a name for themselves. I sensed the sincere enthusiasm and ambition in them to excel in the field. I believed at this time that imparting knowledge and skill in the field would hone their skills and stand them in excellent stead in their endeavours in the field- knowledge and training that our generation was bereft of. I hence dreamed of creating a media and entertainment academy that would provide a holistic blend of academic pursuit and industry excellent.

The International School of Media & Entertainment Studies gave form to my dream. With state of the art infrastructure and facilities, seasoned faculty and administration, ISOMES offers aspiring media professionals the best knowledge, skill and training required to excel in the field of media. The many alumni who have passed out of the school and have excelled as media professionals since the time the school was established is a humbling experience for me. It reinforces my belief in the vision ISOMES and I hope to continue to impart the knowledge and training in media studies for the media professionals of tomorrow.                                                                                                                                

~Anurradha Prasad